MB 11 BERAphone

Newborn Hearing Screening

The only newborn hearing screener that performs fast ABR screening without using expensive, uncomfortable disposables.
StandardsIEC 601-1, IEC 645-3
Stimulus TypeCE-Chirp Stimulus
Stimulus Rate93/s
Stimulus Intensity35 dB nHL
Sample Rate16 kHz
EEG Filter125 Hz – 1.25 kHz
Quality ControlIntegrated LED on BERAphone® and display in software with signal quality or with EEG display
Operating Conditions+15 to +35°C (+ 59 to +95°F); Maximum humidity 75%
Storage Conditions+5 to +50°C (+41 to +122°F); Maximum humidity 90%
SpeakerBERAphone®: integrated, dynamic wideband speaker (8Ω)
ElectrodesBERAphone®: reusable, stainless steel electrodes with gel protectors.
PreamplifierIntegrated, 87 dB amplification (23,000 x)
Instrument Specifications
BERAphone Weight10.59 oz (300 g)
USB Box Weight5.83 oz (165 g)
USB Box Dimensions1.73 x 3.55 x 1.19 in (12 x 9 x 3 cm)
Power Supplyvia USB port of computer
Power Consumptionmax 400 mA

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