The ERO•SCAN® Pro OAE System is available in three configurations: Screener, Standard and Clinical. The 12 frequency protocol will only appear on DP Standard or Combo Diagnostic instruments (supported by both OAE and Tymp probes). The Acoustic Reflex capability is available for any configuration of instrument, but requires a Tymp probe.

DPOAE System
Primary TonesFrequency: F2 from 1.5 kHz to 12 kHz
Intensity: Up to 6 kHz: 40/40 to 70/60 dB SPL Over 6 kHz: 40/40 to 65/55 dB SPL
MIC System Noise≤ -20 dB SPL @ 2 kHz (1 Hz Bandwidth)
Artifact< -20 dB SPL @ 2F1-F2 Frequency
F1/F2 Ratio1.2 (default) adjustable 1.1 to 1.4
F1/F2 Differential0 to 30 dB SPL
TEOAE System
StimulusAdjustable up to 83 dB SPL Broadband Click
Click Bandwidth500 Hz to 4000 Hz
Analysis Bands6 or 10 Bands
Artifact<-10 dB SPL
Acoustic Reflex System

500, 1000, 2000, 4000 Hz

Pure tone Broadband noise, low pass noise, high pass noise

Stimulus Intensity500-4,000 Hz 70-95 dB HL, in 5 dB steps
StandardsIEC60645-5; ANSI S3.39-1987
Tympanometry System
Probe Tone Frequencies226 Hz, 1000 Hz
Probe Tone Level85 dB SPL with in-ear calibration
Air Pressure Range0.05cc to 3.0cc: +300 to -400 daPa

3.0cc or greater: at least +200 to -200 daPa
Air Pressure Capacity0.05cc to > 5.0 cc
Air Pressure Speed60 daPa/sec. nominal

500 to 700 daPa/sec (depending on ear volume)
Test Time2.5 seconds nominal (depending on ear volume)
Overpressure Limit1.0cc ear canal volume < 3 psi (2000 daPa)
Standard Accessories• Eartip kit
• Cradle
• OAE external probe
• Probe tips (internal)
• Probe tips (external)
• Operation manual
Optional Accessories• Printer
• Carrying case
• Tymp/OAE external probe
• Patient management software


ERO•SCAN® Pro Data Sheet

ERO•SCAN Pro Brochure

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