Simply reliable OAE testing

TEOAE and DPOAE screener for fast and accurate hearing screening and early detection programs. Diagnostic model available.

Instrument Specifications
Instrument Dimensions2.58"W x 1.23"D x 5.78"H
Instrument Weight6.4 oz
Instrument Power SupplyLithium-Ion rechargeable
Battery Life1000 tests per charge, minimum 15 hours on-time
DisplayColored Organic LED
Micro-Probe Specifications
Frequency Range - Screener

DPOAE: 2.0 kHz to 5.0 kHz

TEOAE: 1.5 kHz to 4.0 kHz  

Frequency Range - Diagnostics

DPOAE: 1.5 kHz to 12.0 kHz

TEOAE: 0.7 kHz to 4.0 kHz  

Stimulus Intensity Range

DPOAE: 40 dB SPL to 70 dB SPL

TEOAE: 83 dB SPL peak equivalent (+/-3 dB)  

Mircrophone System Noise

-20 dB SPL @ 2 kHz (1 Hz bandwidth)

-13 dB SPL @ 1 kHZ (1 Hz bandwidth)  

Standard AccessoriesDevice with rechargeable battery, Box of single use eartips and eartip remover, Replacement Probe Tubes, Carrying Bag, PC Software including database, power supply
Optional AccessoriesPrinter
Printer power supply
Thermal printer paper roll

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